hat and scarf

Hi there. I’m Caroline. Many people on the internet know me as @phoquess, which is pronounced similarly to “focus”. I’m a jack-of-many-trades creative type whose next hobby should probably be “figuring out a loophole to this 24-hour per day limitation.” I’m a writer and aspiring author of science fiction and fantasy, and I also love to sew my own clothes—I have a roughly 80-90% handmade wardrobe and love it that way. Lately I’ve been branching out into historical costuming, generally by combining it with anime/video game cosplay. I also knit, and sometimes spin yarn, weave it, and even grow it (in the form of the cotton patch in my garden.) I grow a lot of other things, too, with roses being a particular favorite. I live in Virginia with my partner and my three kitties: Brie, Nadja, and Jellybean. I hope you enjoy following along to my creative journey!

If you are a literary agent or publishing company and you’re interested in representing or acquiring my scifi or fantasy novel manuscripts, please email me at contact@carolinemsteele.com. Aside from writing, nothing else on this website is available for sale and I do not do commissions.